SnykCon 2021 October 5-7

SnykCon is where the world’s strongest community of DevSecOps practitioners and leaders gather to accelerate the development of secure software. This free, multi-track event is curated to help development, security and operations teams build secure software at the pace of digital transformation.

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Meet the global community of security, devops
and development leaders

Explore a different approach to secure software development

Discover the best practices and technologies for integrating development and security teams, tools, and processes to accelerate your company’s development of secure software.

Learn, share and network with the DevSecOps Industry

SnykCon gives you the opportunity to meet with your peers, industry leaders and the wider DevSecOps community. You can chat directly, join AMAs and panel discussions, or meet up for a 1-1 coffee.

Hear from Snyk product experts on our roadmap and trends we’re seeing

SnykCon features presentations, tutorials, and training sessions aimed at people of all skill levels and backgrounds.In these sessions, you’ll hear from the product creators about what’s coming next and share your feedback.

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