Snyk Code

Static Application Security Testing re-imagined for the developer

Find and fix code vulnerabilities
with a developer-friendly experience

Snyk Code uses a revolutionary approach designed to be developer-first. Conventional Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools are limited by lengthy scans times and poor accuracy, returning too many false positives, and eroding developer trust. Snyk Code makes developer efforts efficient and actionable.

Dev-Friendly Experience

Proven Snyk experience extended to code security testing

Real-Time Scan Results

See results as you code, with scans 10-50x faster than other solutions

Find More Vulnerabilities

Using semantic analysis to unveil security and performance bugs

Bringing a frictionless dev-first approach to SAST

Improved developer productivity

Real-time testing integrated into developer workflows enabling quick issue resolution

Reduced risk/improved security posture

Release more code on-time and securely with a developer-first security tool


Enable modern development teams to embrace security to increase the overall speed and quality of software

Efficiency from a single platform

Leverage a platform approach to address code, open source and containers to enable modern development shops to develop fast and stay secure!

AI that augments the developer experience

Snyk Code empowers a transformational shift in how static analysis performs for developers. Unprecedented speed brings quality results into the developer workflow and provides actionable suggestions right when the code is written

Real-time semantic code analysis

The unique speed of the Snyk Code engine allows it to consume the vast amount of code into its event graph model, and quickly identify patterns of change that occur in code. The engine then expresses rules that capture what has been found in logic programming enriched with meta information such as explanation and examples.

Continuous AI Learning

The Snyk Code AI engine learns from millions of open-source commits, and is paired with known issues from Snyk’s Security Intelligence database, creating a continually growing code security knowledge-base. The symbolic AI will then apply a semantic analysis including data and code flow analysis. It presents actionable suggestions that are easy to understand where developer intent and code differ.

Trusted by software driven industry leaders

“Developers also have access to tools that use AI to create more efficient code reviews to speed up the SDLC.”
"Likened to a spell checker for developers, DeepCode’s cloud service reviews code and provides alerts about critical vulnerabilities, with the intent of stopping security bugs from making it into production. The goal is to enable safer, cleaner code and deliver it faster."

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