Application Security Management

Snyk continuously monitors your application's dependencies
and lets you quickly respond when new vulnerabilities are disclosed.

Quick start to test projects

Find vulnerabilities

  • Map the full application dependency tree
  • Find vulnerabilities in all open source dependencies
  • Use CLI, integrations or the API to add projects to be tested
  • Continuously test for newly disclosed vulnerabilities
  • Dependencies are tested against Snyk’s comprehensive vulnerability database
Snyk dependencies tree
Snyk project page with github integration
Snyk CLI to support CI/CD pipeline

Fix your vulnerabilities

  • Single click fix - generate a fix PR from UI, CLI wizard
  • Upgrade - Automatically calculates the minimal direct dependency version upgrade needed
  • Precision patch - Use patches backported by Snyk security team to fix when direct upgrade is not available or it’ll take time to have upgrade implemented
  • Automatic fix for new vulnerabilities - Automatically generate fix pull requests for newly discovered vulnerabilities
Fix your vulnerabilities pull request

Monitor throughout the SDLC

Protect the full application lifecycle from code development to deployed applications. seamlessly integrate to your development tools, making DevSecOps a reality.

  • Source code - Integrate with GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab to continuously test your code, testing every commit
  • CI/CD - Integrate with Jenkins, Teamcity, Travis and more to test every application being built, keeping your production safe
  • PAAS and serverless - Connect to Heroku, Cloud Foundry, AWS Lambda and others to validate your deployed production applications are vulnerability free
IBM Bluemix
Pivotal Web Services
Travis CI
Atlassian Bamboo
Cloud Foundry
GitHub Enterprise
Google Cloud Platform


  • Secure development - Provide errors to the developer in IDE while coding on any new vulnerable dependency, offer fix
  • Secure source code - Pull requests to fail checks on new vulnerable dependency addition
  • Secure Build - Fail CI builds if they introduce new vulnerable dependencies, policy based
Snyk Prevent github notification


  • Get alerted when newly disclosed vulnerabilities affect your projects.
  • Email and Slack notifications for new vulnerabilities and fixes
  • Automatic GitHub pull requests to fix the new vulnerability
  • Comprehensive information and remediation guidance for vulnerabilities


Snyk vulnerable dependency alert with slack