Snyk Open Source Security Management

Automatically find, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities in the open source dependencies used to build your cloud native applications

Test as early as possible,
natively from your environment

Integrated IDE check

Detect vulnerable dependencies during coding to avoid future fixing efforts and save development time.

Native Git scanning

Scan pull requests before merging. Test your projects directly from the repository and monitor them daily for new vulnerabilities.

CI/CD security gate

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the Build process by adding an automated Snyk test to your CI/CD.

Production environment

Test your running environment to verify there is no exposure to existing vulnerabilities and monitor for newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

VS Code



Code Management

Circle CI
Azure Pipelines




Cloud Foundry


Thread Fix
Fortify SSC



Prioritize faster and make
data-driven security decisions

Dependency tree view

Accelerate your triaging process with Snyk’s dependency path analysis which allows you to understand the dependency path through which transitive vulnerabilities were introduced.

Priority Score 

Easily see which issues are the most worthwhile to fix using an advanced, built-in scoring system. 

Reachable Vulnerabilities 

Gauge risk by identifying whether a vulnerable function is reachable by the application or not.

Runtime Monitoring

Prioritize fixes based on whether vulnerabilities are actually called during runtime.

Exploit maturity

Use exploitability indicators to identify the vulnerabilities that can be weaponized more easily.

Accuracy control for minimizing false positives

Receive high-accuracy alerts that are verified and qualified by Snyk’s dedicated security research team.

Fix quickly to reduce exposure
with automated remediation

Minimal fix required

Snyk identifies the minimal upgrade required in order to clear a vulnerability and notifies when there is a risk of breaking the code.

Transitive dependency fix

Accelerate triaging of transitive vulnerabilities with Snyk’s fix suggestions for the direct dependency.

Fix pull request

Automate fixing with a one-click fix pull request populated with the required upgrades and patches.

Precision patches

When upgrading is too disruptive (or not available), fix quickly and precisely with Snyk’s proprietary patches (developed in collaboration with the maintainer).

Auto dependency upgrades

Keep your projects secure and current by automatically finding and fixing new vulnerable and out-of-date dependencies.


Monitor continuously
to maintain your code security level

Newly disclosed vulnerabilities

Automatically monitor your projects and deployed code and get notifications whenever new vulnerabilities are disclosed.

Gating new dependencies

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through any stage of the development process.


Understand the state of all of your security vulnerabilities and license issues in one place. Monitor how your team addresses issues with an auditable inventory of dependencies used in your projects.

Alerts and notifications

Get updates on newly identified vulnerabilities through preferred channels including Slack, Jira, email, etc.

Easily manage vulnerabilities and license issues at scale

Security policies

Automatically prioritize and de-prioritize vulnerabilities using fully customizable security rules. 

License policies

Create, customize and manage license compliance policies across your organization.
Learn more about Snyk’s License Compliance Management

Project tags & attributes

Easily manage your projects using built-in attributes or your own customized tags.


Cloud native application security

Snyk Open Source works together with Snyk Container, Snyk IaC and Snyk Code to provide development and security teams with consistent workflows and governance across all code making up the application.

Snyk Container

Using containers? Use Snyk Container to empower developers to easily build, share and use secure containers and automatically fix vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC.

Snyk IaC

Snyk IaC helps you secure the code defining your application containers, services and infrastructure to avoid vulnerable code being deployed in production.

Snyk Code

Snyk Code ensures your proprietary code is secure by providing a developer-first SAST solution that is developer-friendly, fast and accurate.

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