Service Accounts

Service Accounts are a special type of user that has an API token associated with it. You can set up a Service Account to be used for CI and other automation purposes without using an actual Snyk user’s token.

Each service account has a name associated with it to make it easier to recognise. The name is unique for the org and cannot be re-used.

Setting up a service account

To set up a Service Account, go to the organisation you wish to set up a Service Account for, and click the “Service accounts” link in the navigation. Click the “Create service account” button.

Screenshot of creating a service account

Next, give your Service Account a name that explains what it’s for, and hit “Save”.

Screenshot of naming a service account

You’ll now be shown your API token. Make sure you keep a note of this as you won’t see it again. This is a security standard to keep your tokens safe.

You can now create another Service Account if you wish.

Screenshot of a service account token being generated

Deleting a service account

When you delete a service account, the API token associated with it becomes immediately invalidated. Deleting a service account is the same as revoking the API token.