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Reports are available on the Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans and provide an overview of your organisation’s vulnerability and license status, with the ability to zoom in on specific areas of concern.
The summary page is ideal for displaying on a big screen along with your team’s other dashboards.

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The Issues tab shows an inventory of all issues in your projects. These are grouped by issue, but you can select “view issues ungrouped” to switch the view to showing each issue and project on their own row.

snyk reports

From here, you can click on the “projects” link to view a list of all the projects that vulnerability affects. You can also filter by severity, issue type (whether it’s a license issue or vulnerability), language, status (open, fixed, patched or ignored), and whether it’s fixable via a patch or upgrade.

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The dependencies tab displays an inventory of all your project’s dependencies, along with their version, license, and vulnerability status. From here, you can view more details about a specific dependency and which projects are using it.

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All the reports are available to export as a CSV and data available via APIs. Documentation about Snyk’s APIs are published at



Snyk creates a list of all the licenses used in your projects to help you with your license compliance. Some dependencies use multiple licenses, which are shown here separately.

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For more information on this and how to customise your policy, have a look at our licenses documentation.