By default, Snyk emails you when a new issue or remediation in a project’s dependencies is found, and provides you with a weekly update of your security status across your organisation. You can customise the content of these emails in your account settings. If you’re an organisation administrator, you can also set email notification defaults for all the members within it.

Screenshot of the new issues and remediations email

Setting email defaults for all members of an organisation

To customise the emails all your organisation’s members receive, head over to your organisation settings area. Customising options here will trickle down to all of your organisation’s members. However, a member of this organisation can override these default settings in their own account settings if they wish.

Screenshot of the org notification settings

Project level customisation

You can also refine the types of emails you receive for each project in your account settings. A new project will inherit the notification defaults for the organisation it belongs to, so we recommend setting blanket rules for your orgs (which new projects in that org will inherit), which you can then override on a per-project basis.

Screenshot of the project notification settings

Customising emails by type and severity level

If your plan includes licenses, you can choose which email type you receive in your account settings. If you only want to be emailed about high severity issues, this is also possible, both on the project level and org level.

More granularity

As well as being able to tailor the emails you get about issues, you can also customise the other types of core emails, such as whether you want weekly reports, whether you want to be alerted when you are approaching your test limit (on the free plan), and whether you want to be notified when a test report for a serverless project has been generated and is ready to view.

Granular email settings