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A developer-first solution that automates finding & fixing vulnerabilities in your dependencies

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Developers & DevOps

Find vulnerabilities in your repos and remediate risks with automated updates and patches. Block vulnerable libraries in CI/CD and monitor PaaS/Serverless apps for dependency flaws.

SNYK FOR Developers & DevOps

Snyk for

Enterprise Security

Regain visibility into open source security and license risk as well as empower your developers to address it.

90% of tested organizations use vulnerable dependencies.

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Test your public GitHub repository or website
& Find out if you have vulnerabilities that put you at risk

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Snyk’s unique approach

GitHub PR status check

Developer First

Quick start with GitHub
Quick start with GitHub
Example Fix PR pullrequest github merge

Automated Remediation

  • One click to generate fix from UI or CLI
  • Fix issues you cannot upgrade away with precision patches
  • Expedite remediation with automated PRs for new disclosures
  • Raise visibility and drive action with generated fix pull requests
Quick start with GitHub
Quick start with GitHub
Snyk Security Leadership

Security Leadership

  • Surfaces issues without a CVE from open source activity
  • Proprietary research unveils new vulnerabilities
  • Powers Google Chrome, Microsoft Sonar & JFrog XRay
  • Contributor to leading security forums
Find vulnerabilities now
Find vulnerabilities now

Easily protect your applications from known vulnerabilities today!

Our Users Love Snyk

Alex Harriss

Alex Harriss

Security Engineer, Skyscanner

“Snyk is one of the most important security tools we use at Skyscanner. You’ll realise how important it is when you actually get it integrated”

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Tom Czarniecki

Tom Czarniecki

Tech Lead, DigitalOcean

“Snyk’s immediate notification on a newly disclosed critical Ruby vulnerability enabled us to react quickly and upgrade our front-door applications using Snyk’s automation.”

Snyk DigitalOcean
Peter Vanhee comic relief

Peter Vanhee

Engineering Practice Lead at Comic Relief

“You can tell Snyk was built by developers for developers”

Snyk Comic Relief